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Theragun PRO

5th Generation
5th Gen
The world's best massage device.


<p>Smarter and quieter than ever before, Theragun PRO is the ultimate tool for recovery and pain relief. A massage that keeps you moving with a scientifically-proven combination of power, depth and speed — that's what makes Theragun PRO different. Find relief from ailments, aches, and pains with more effective recovery that lasts longer than competitors. Redesigned to be 20% quieter with a built-in OLED screen that displays routines to help you properly reset your body. </p>

  • • Decreases muscle soreness and fatigue
  • • Releases tension and knots
  • • Speeds up recovery
  • • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • • Increases mobility and range of motion

  • Theragun is the only massage device proven to improve your recovery, performance, sleep, mobility and stress.

Smarter and quieter than ever before, Theragun PRO is the ultimate tool for recovery and pain relief. Find relief from ailments, aches, and pains with a scientifically-proven deep muscle treatment that lasts longer than competitors. PRO has been fully redesigned with visually-guided, built-in routines and a second generation proprietary EQ-150 motor that’s 20% quieter — you get all of the power with none of the sound.

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You’ve never seen PRO like this.

New attachments for more personalization

Visually-guided, built-in routines

20% quieter with a redesigned proprietary EQ-150 motor

Targeted, high-quality attachments for a more personalized treatment.

Personalized recovery, at a glance.

Four visually-guided routines are built directly on your device via an OLED screen. Instantly access the Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery, or Theragun Break routines, or connect to the Therabody app and save new, personalized routines to your device.


All of the power. None of the sound.

Powered by QuietForce Technology™, PRO's second generation, proprietary EQ-150 motor has been fully redesigned to deliver the renowned power of a Theragun while being quieter than ever.


Like a pro in your pocket.

The Therabody App helps you alleviate pain symptoms and treat specific ailments with personalized routines, providing better education than any other massage device app.

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Where mind and body meet.

The power of Theragun meets TheraMind, a new multi-sensory sound therapy experience in the Therabody App. Immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness routine with the only massage device to connect mind and body.

Theragun App

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