Shopping Theragun on Amazon?

Beware of unauthorized resellers on Amazon. Only buying directly from or the TheraGun Amazon store guarantees quality, industry-leading warranty, and more on every Theragun device.

Unauthorized sellers on Amazon are sellers not associated with Therabody who may sell defective or inauthentic products. Buying from these sellers poses significant risks, including devices that appear to be Theraguns but don’t have Theragun’s patented engineering, quality, durability, and ergonomics and are not covered by our industry-leading warranty. Since we are not associated with these sellers and have no control over their selling practices, any devices bought through unauthorized sellers may be open-box and previously used.

To shop with peace of mind, look for the ‘Sold by TheraGun’ label beneath the ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on the product page.

Ships from Amazon. Sold by Theragun