Pain relief. Performance. Recovery. There’s a Theragun for everyone.

A new era of Theragun innovation is here. 

Science-backed recovery for every lifestyle.

man using Theragun Pro Plus on knee
Theragun PRO Plus
Theragun Pro Plus Heat
Theragun Sense
Theragun Pro Plus Cold
Theragun Relief

Immediate relief. Wellness that lasts.

Our Therabody Wellness lineup is designed to solve your pain points.

Relieves Aches + Pains
Ease Soreness
Reduce Stress
Sleep Better
  • Theragun Sense
    Percussive massage with calming breathwork
  • Theragun Sense
    Percussive massage with calming breathwork
  • Theragun mini
    Portable massage for relief anytime, anywhere
    $199 $169

Unlock performance excellence.

Perform even better with science-backed solutions designed to optimize your warm-up, mobility and athletic recovery.

Theragun PRO Plus

Our most advanced Theragun ever combines LED, vibration, heat and percussive therapies for maximum performance and recovery.

Relieve Pain
Recover Faster
Treat Joints
Improve Mobility
  • Theragun PRO Plus
    Multi-therapy massage device for performance
  • Theragun Elite
    Powerful massage with premium tech features
  • Theragun Prime
    Simple + easy-to-use powerful massage
  • Theragun PRO
    Powerful, professional-grade massage
    $599  $299

Elevate your experience with the Therabody App

Enhance your routine with calming breathwork (available with Theragun Sense + PRO Plus), TheraMind sound therapy and guided routines for pain relief, recovery + more.

Theragun Starting at $199