Science at Therabody

We’re on a mission to empower every body to live better, longer, healthier lives by creating innovative wellness technologies.


Therabody’s Research

We’re constantly innovating — here’s what we’re working on.
$700 million
21 completed studies on Therabody products
$700 million
26 studies in progress
$700 million
75,000+ studies support the treatment modalities in Therabody products

Transforming Wellness — Driven by Science

To deliver on wellness, we study, refine, and measure it — and we let science lead the creation of proven technological solutions.

Therabody Labs

Science is at the center of everything that Therabody creates, so we created Therabody Labs, a place for our in-house team of scientists and engineers to rigorously test and optimize all products.

Dr Jason holding a Theragun PRO Device

Research Partners

Therabody partners with industry-leading scientific experts worldwide to ensure the efficacy and quality of all products and services. This allows us to deliver clinically proven technology tailored to your unique needs.

Dr Jason holding a Theragun PRO Device

The Proof Is in the Science

Dozens of validated, scientific studies show that Therabody works. Whether you want to improve sleep, gain a competitive edge, or simply look and feel your best, Therabody has you covered.

Collaborate With Us

We believe that collaboration drives innovation. Work with us on cutting-edge scientific research.