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Maximize performance so you can go faster, further and stronger. Our devices optimize warm-up for increased endurance through high-intensity sessions.

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Take control of pain and soreness with science-backed Therabody Performance devices, trusted by physical therapists and world-class athletes for advanced pain relief.

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RecoveryAir JetBoots help boost circulation, reduce swelling + stiffness and relieve muscle fatigue, so that soreness never gets in the way of your performance.


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Get in the zone + improve focus pre-workout with TheraMind sound therapy, then cool down with our guided recovery routines designed for every type of activity.

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“I’m training for a marathon and I use RecoveryAir PRO before and after my runs – and NO next day soreness like I used to get. I’m astonished!

Daniel R.

“I am amazed at how well Theragun Elite works. It’s great on the soles of the feet after a long run!”

Jennifer R.

“Theragun Prime has changed the way I work out because my warm up is quick, easy and efficient. I feel and see a visible difference in my dancing.”

Scott W.

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