Scientific Research Grant Application

Research Grant Eligibility and Application Requirements


  • Applicants must be US-based, and the data collection must occur in the US.
  • Applicants must be either current graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and/or early career professionals (within 6 years of graduation) conducting research in the fields of kinesiology, exercise science, exercise physiology, physical and psychological health, skin health, or similar.
  • Preference is given to scientists whose labs investigate the use of technology-based interventions for improved health, wellness, and performance outcomes.
  • Preference is given to scientists whose labs investigate findings in underrepresented and understudied populations, including women, older adults, and youth athletes ages 16 and older.
  • Experience with authoring or co-authoring peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, and/or conference presentations within their given area of research is preferred.
Proposal Requirements:
  • To submit a proposal, complete the online application form.
  • The information requested within the application provides an in depth description of the project, enabling Therabody to assess the scientific merit and quality of the proposed research.
  • Only complete applications containing all requested files (the principal investigator’s CV,a 2-page summary of the proposed study rationale and protocol, and an option to upload a co-investigator's CV) will be accepted for Therabody’s review.
  • For consideration, complete applications must be submitted by the July 12th, 2024 deadline.
Review Process and Grant Decisions:
  • Grant applications will be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by the Therabody Science and Innovation team, with the input of other Therabody stakeholders and executives.
  • The principal investigator indicated on the application will be notified of project approval or denial via email by August 2nd, 2024.
Grant Requirements:
  • Upon the successful approval of a proposal, a formal grant agreement must be executed by the grant recipient and Therabody. This agreement will be provided by Therabody and will outline the terms set forth below in more detail.
  • The grant recipient will conduct the research project according to the proposal submitted to Therabody. Any material changes to the project plan must be approved in writing by both parties.
  • All grants are made payable to the principal investigator’s university/institution.
  • All such universities/institutions must have an established Institutional Review Board(IRB) and a Grants/Contracts Office or other office accountable for financial tracking and reporting.
  • IRB approval and informed consent for human subjects documentation must be submitted and approved before grant awardees can receive their funds. Copies of this documentation and approval must be submitted to Therabody.
  • The funds provided by the Therabody Research Grant Program are not intended to replace current domestic programs or to provide based institutional infrastructure. They are to be used specifically to support the execution of the specific awarded research project (e.g., any expense judged supportive of the research, including staffing, professional travel, lab expenses, equipment, participant incentive or remuneration, or summer salary support).Regular meetings between Therabody and the investigating party will occur throughout the agreed-upon project timeline. Additionally, a mid-course progress report and full written report, which outlines both budget reporting and a summary of findings, will be presented by the investigating party to Therabody.
  • All unexpended funds must be returned to Therabody in full within 60 days of the final written report.
  • Within 60 days of the final written report, decisions will be made around the submission of the project for peer-reviewed publication in an appropriate journal, conference presentation at an appropriate meeting, etc.
  • All written documents, including publications, presentation materials, and print and electronic communications that result from successful funding of this application must include the following or a similar statement: “This work was supported by funds received from the Therabody Research Grant Program.”