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The Starter Set
The Starter Set
The Starter Set
The Starter Set

The Starter Set

The intro to percussive therapy.

Introduce your loved one to Theragun percussive therapy with our slim, simplified model. The best part? We show them how to use their new smart percussive therapy device with guided routines in the Therabody app that can be run on the Prime via Bluetooth®.
  • Includes Theragun Prime, Theragun Prime Wireless Charging Stand, and Supersoft Attachment
Set Product Image: Prime Charging Stand

Prime Charging Stand

Simply place your Prime into this convenient charging stand for easy charging and instant access to your device anytime. And because the Prime can remain in its Charging Stand even when fully charged, you can set the stand on a coffee table or a shelf and display your device in any room.

*Theragun Prime not included
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Set Product Image: Supersoft™


Whether it’s particularly sore muscles or just areas of your body that need a lighter touch, our Supersoft attachment is just what you need. Experience the therapeutic benefits of your Theragun device with the treatment intensity that works for you.
  • Compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3
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