Faster. Safer. More effective.

Sit back, relax, and recover faster with our world-leading pneumatic compression therapy systems.



Calling all athletes and weekend warriors.

Cut down on hours of rest and recovery in search of that next level of performance.

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Flush out soreness. Bring on peak performance.

RecoveryAir systems sequentially compress the legs to more quickly flush out metabolic waste and bring fresh, oxygenated blood back to the area. This increase in circulation helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue more globally in the body.

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Two compression systems. One clinically-proven technology. The control you need.


Simplified for everybody

Key Features

Manually control pressure, hold time, and session length
Only compatible with 4-chamber RecoveryAir garments
Extended 360-minute battery life

RecoveryAir PRO Gen 1

Fully customizable for total control.
$1,299 $999

Key Features

Smart-app control via Bluetooth®
Extensive cycle customization and control
Compatible with all RecoveryAir garments
5 guided treatment programs
Extended 240-minute battery life
LCD digital display
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Faster. Safer. More effective.

When it comes to pneumatic compression, not all systems are created equal. Our clinically-effective design is critical to the safety and recovery of your most valuable asset—your body.

True negative gradient of pressure

Our unique true negative gradient of pressure sequentially travels up the limb from the foot toward the heart in 4 internal overlapping chambers. The spiraling overlap of chambers safely maximizes circulation vs. other designs that interrupt air flow and create potentially harmful peaks and valleys of pressure.

Faster recovery, 3x the speed of competitors

Faster recovery is all about more cycles of inflation and deflation in a given amount of time. By detecting a full inflation based on precise pressure, RecoveryAir's high performance compressor reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid pressure release 3 times faster.

Safer with precise pressure control

Our system allows you to set your session to precise units of pressure and monitors pressure according to the size of the limb being treated to prevent dangerous overconstriction. Many systems deliver a wide range of pressure within an arbitrary setting, often inflating past a normal human blood pressure.

More effective with full inflation and deflation

Like a sponge, RecoveryAir’s precise pressure control and true negative gradient allow for a fuller, more complete cycle of compression and release. This flushes out metabolic waste more effectively, and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to return to the limb faster.

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Faster recovery starts with a full flush.

Reducing soreness and fatigue starts with circulation—the more efficiently you flush out metabolic waste and return fresh, oxygenated blood to any area, the faster you'll recover and get back to doing what you love. Our intermittent sequential pneumatic compression (ISPC) expedites this process, while preventing dangerous overconstriction past a normal human blood pressure.

Superior, hygienic design

Our hidden overlapping chambers avoid the bacteria and unwanted moisture that typically builds up in other compression boot designs. Unexposed to the user, this design provides a seamless, easy-to-clean surface on the interior of the boot.
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Recover your way. There's a solution for everybody.


The difference is in the design.

RecoveryAir Compression Systems

The world's safest, most effective pneumatic compression therapy.
Starting at: $699

Standard compression systems

A closer look at other designs, and their impact on safety and hygiene.