Blog Performance Paris Saint-Germain and Therabody launch limited edition Theraguns 
Paris Saint-Germain and Therabody launch limited edition Theraguns 
Paris Saint-Germain and Therabody launch limited edition Theraguns 

Now every Paris Saint-Germain fan can celebrate the iconic club, using the same cutting-edge wellness technology their favorite players rely on to recover faster, prevent injury, and perform at their absolute best.

Paris Saint-Germain’s existing partnerships consist of a small roster of highly-exclusive brands, highlighting their commitment to excellence and innovation on and off the field. The special edition Theragun PRO, Theragun Elite, and Theragun mini will be on sale in France, the United Kingdom and across Europe starting September 21 on

In early 2021, Paris Saint-Germain announced Therabody as its Official Recovery Partner, and today the partnership deepens as Paris Saint-Germain joins its globally recognized brand with Therabody’s leadership in wellness technology.

“The virtues of Theragun percussive massage therapy are trusted by our staff and players," says Christophe Baudot, Football Chief Doctor at Paris Saint-Germain. “This newest collaboration with Therabody will allow Paris Saint-Germain to share Therabody’s leading science-based solutions and products with our loyal fanbase, so they too can sustain whole body wellness just as our players do."

“Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is one of the most well respected and exciting clubs in the sport," says Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. “This next step in our partnership further connects us with such a devoted fanbase and brings our life-changing recovery products into their homes – not only as an addition to their wellness routines but as a piece of Paris Saint-Germain memorabilia. We look forward to welcoming new members into the Therabody community through the Paris Saint-Germain branded devices and improving the wellness routines of fans who otherwise may not have discovered us."

The partnership highlights both Therabody’s and Paris Saint-Germain’s continued commitment to improving the health, performance, and wellness of both professional football players and the entire football community. Paris Saint-Germain’s steadfast fan base will now have the opportunity to experience Paris Saint-Germain-branded Therabody recovery tools, just like your favorite players.

To discover more about Therabody’s partnership with Paris Saint-Germain and take a closer look at the Special Edition Theragun devices, head over to the Paris Saint-Germain team page.