Blog Science Combat Stress & Tension While Traveling with These Therabody Essentials 
Combat Stress & Tension While Traveling with These Therabody Essentials 
Combat Stress & Tension While Traveling with These Therabody Essentials 

Authors: Therabody Scientists: Tim Roberts, MSc; Kyle Silvey, PhD, CSCS; Michelle Darian, MS, MPH, RD, LDN 

Traveling always brings memorable experiences. But the actual getting from point A to point B (and then back) isn’t necessarily the most relaxing of times. TSA-approved technology like Therabody’s ® SmartGoggles™ and the Theragun Mini ® can help calm your mind and your body during this transit time — and, of course, once you arrive at your destination as well.  

This technology deserves a spot in your suitcase’s limited real estate. The items are so compact and light that you don’t have to give up your favorite travel comfort go-to’s (like a neck pillow) to make space for them.   

Traveling with SmartGoggles  

SmartGoggles provide heated eye and temple massages for better relaxation. It looks exactly like a (rather pillowy) eye mask. And much like an eye mask, it’s fitted to block out light and comfortably stay on your head while lying down or seated. 

These goggles are designed to relieve stress, eye strain, and headaches — all of which seem to pop up more during hectic travel days. There’s also a built-in biometric sensor that can detect measures of stress, like increases in your heart rate, and then deliver personalized treatments designed to help lower your heart rate and create a sense of calm. [1

When used before going to sleep, SmartGoggles have been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality and increase the amount of deep sleep. Not only did using SmartGoogles immediately before bed improve sleep measures, but 82% of SmartGoggles users also reported feeling less stressed after use. If you prefer to sleep on flights (whether it’s a red eye or not), or have trouble sleeping in new locations on your trips, SmartGoggles can help lull you to sleep and then block out light to help you stay asleep. [2

These goggles sync with the Therabody App, where you can also access exclusive TheraMind sound therapy content to calm the brain and body.  

Traveling with Theragun Mini  

While SmartGoggles are great at relaxing your mind and mood, the Theragun Mini can help you relieve physical tension from towing heavy luggage through security, scrunched-up legs, or hunched shoulders and an achy lower back from sitting too long. [3

The Theragun Mini is the most compact Theragun available, but it still delivers the same powerful percussive therapy. Overall, percussive therapy helps improve blood flow, helps reduce tension (making you feel less stiff and more mobile), and releases endorphins. [4, 5, 6

If your travel destination includes a lot of physical activity (walking, hiking, skiing, surfing, etc.), having a Theragun on hand will also help you both warm-up before an activity and recover, relieving sore muscles.  

This massage gun has three speeds, three head attachments, and a soft case. Reviewers love that the Theragun Mini is small enough to bring anywhere and everywhere.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Traveling can come with aches, pains, and stressors. 
  • It’s important to stay as comfortable as you can so you can enjoy your experience once you’re at your destination.  
  • The right technology can enhance the travel experience and reduce aches and pains from long flights and road trips.  
  • SmartGoggles are a great choice for relieving stress, tuning out lights and sounds, easing headaches, and helping you to sleep.   
  • The Theragun Mini is the best choice for relieving achy muscles and alleviating tension while on the go.