Blog Education RecoveryTherm Cube: On-The-Go Pain Relief, Reinvented
RecoveryTherm Cube: On-The-Go Pain Relief, Reinvented
RecoveryTherm Cube: On-The-Go Pain Relief, Reinvented

Meet RecoveryTherm Cube

RecoveryTherm Cube™ is a revolutionary technology that delivers instant heat, cold and contrast therapy in one wireless, portable device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. As of today, aches, pains and injuries can be treated wherever, whenever.

Cube is the first of its kind – unlike other pain relief wearables on the market, Cube combines heat, cold and contrast therapies at the touch of a button. Its precise, science-backed temperatures and durations take the guesswork out of recovery with simple preset treatments you can choose from depending on your needs. Cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling, heat therapy relieves pain and stiffness and contrast therapy seamlessly alternates between the two – maximizing the benefits of both for an even more effective recovery. Small enough for handheld treatments, you can also go hands-free with Cube’s adjustable straps that make it easy to use anywhere on the body. Just set it, forget it and let Cube do its thing.

Cold Therapy: Icy Cool Relief

Cold therapy is scientifically proven to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and can be a great solution for recovery from minor bumps and injuries. But why not just use an ice pack – or frozen peas, for that matter?

Aside from the obvious melty mess, applying freezing ice to the body (especially bare skin) comes with an increased risk of harm. Ever gotten an ice burn? Unlike an ice pack, Cube is scientifically calibrated to deliver levels of cold that are therapeutic – but not freezing. With Cube, you can choose from three science-backed temperatures to optimize benefits: 8C/46F, 12C/54F and 16C/61F. Plus, Cube maintains consistent temperatures throughout treatment, unlike gel packs that only stay cold for a few minutes.

Soothing Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps reduce tension, stiffness and pain and can also boost circulation to the treated area. It can be a great solution for treating sore joints and muscles after a long day at the office or a flight. Unlike heating pads, which often reach scalding temperatures (and need to be plugged in during use), Cube’s heat therapy comes in three temperatures you can choose between based on your comfort level: 35C/95F, 39C/102F and 43C/109F. All the heat you need, without the burn. Our goal is to help the body, not hurt it.

Contrast Therapy for Optimal Recovery

For those times when heat or cold therapy alone just won’t cut it, Cube offers contrast therapy, which automatically alternates between heat and cold therapies – effectively eliminating the need to switch between ice and heating pads. It’s the perfect recovery tool after an intense workout or whenever you’re fatigued or sore from activity. Cube’s contrast therapy temperatures are customizable, but the preset alternates between the warmest and coldest settings (8C/46F and 43C/109F) to optimize treatment.

With Cube, we’re continuing our commitment to creating groundbreaking solutions for real human pain points. Everyone deserves pain relief, and with Cube, you can count on it wherever life takes you.  Shop RecoveryTherm Cube and our other RecoveryTherm devices, including RecoveryTherm Hot Vibration Back and Core and RecoveryTherm Hot and Cold Vibration Knee, here!