Blog Education 5 things you should know about massage guns
5 things you should know about massage guns
5 things you should know about massage guns

Percussive therapy. Massage guns. Theragun. That massager thing you saw on IG the other day. A simple internet search will bring up the hundreds of massage guns out there, ranging in price, color, attachments, and more. So, why buy a high-quality device when there are forty-dollar massagers that seemingly do the exact same thing? 

As the pioneers of percussive therapy and creators of the original “massage gun", our answer is clear. When it comes to the body, real relief comes from technology that’s backed by science, experts, feedback from real people, and relentless engineering and research. That’s why the Theragun is truly a percussive therapy device, not just a run-of-the-mill massage gun. (For more on why this is an important distinction, see the ‘Depth matters’ section below.) Furthermore, quality is one of the biggest considerations when buying a massage gun — you want to invest in something that stands the test of time. 

Here’s what to consider when trying to find the right massage gun for you.


The truth about durability 

Whether your massage gun will be used by everyone in your household or you take it on-the-go in your gym bag, it’s important to remember exactly how much you’re going to put the device through. Durability is one of the biggest differences between a high-quality massage gun and cheap knock-offs created to jump on the massage-gun bandwagon.

Durability starts with the quality of a massage gun’s components and materials. Not only does the Theragun’s commercial-grade brushless motor make no compromises on power and performance, every other part of the device was thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials fit for the job. On the other hand, the brittle, cheap plastic of other massage guns often breaks easily when you drop the device, or even just from regular use. 


Depth matters

Most massage guns look like they work the same way, but look a little closer and you’ll find that some massage guns extend back and forth at a shorter distance than others. For most massage gun brands, this distance is arbitrarily chosen within the constraints of their design and manufacturing. Theragun’s precise, scientifically-calibrated 16 mm of amplitude are what truly make it unique. At this distance, Theragun reaches 60% deeper into muscle than average massagers or massage guns. That’s true percussive therapy. That’s the Theragun difference.


More speed doesn’t mean better results

Most low-amplitude, high-speed massagers rapidly vibrate and desensitize the skin. Going beyond mere vibration, the Theragun actually leaves the surface of the skin at 40 times per second. A speed range of 1750 – 2400 percussions per minute was scientifically-calibrated to allow the device to target a localized area of the body without the brain acclimating to the stimulation. It also offers customization for a lighter touch, while still maintaining treatment quality.


Quiet and powerful? Yes, a massage gun can be both. 

No motor in existence could deliver the unparalleled power of a Theragun while also operating quietly, so we created our own. The Theragun’s commercial-grade brushless motor with QuietForce Technology™ quietly delivers up to 60 lbs. of no-stall force. That means you can apply a significant amount of pressure without worrying about the device stalling. This high-performance motor also features Active Torque Control™, allowing the PRO to maintain its power without diluting treatment speed or quality when applying extra pressure.


But, can it reach your lower back?

It’s a simple but important question. The lower back is just one of the many areas of the body that are hard to reach with a standard handle design. Our patented Theragun Triangle multi-grip design is ergonomic, providing infinite ways to hold the device without strain or added pressure on your hands and arms. The Theragun PRO provides the added benefit of an adjustable arm, which offers four unique arm positions that create the ideal angles to reach any area of the body. No more reaching, straining, or bending over backwards to target that spot in need of relief.


All attachments aren’t created equal. 

Ditch the hard plastic. What touches your body matters, and the hard plastic attachments of other massage guns can harm the body. That’s why all of our attachments, with the exception of the ultra-gentle Supersoft, are made with non-porous closed-cell foam that can be easily wiped clean for a more hygienic experience.

Massage gun attachments come in every shape and size you can imagine, but it’s important that an attachment’s shape is designed with the body’s unique physiology in mind. Each Theragun attachment is designed with a unique, precise shape and density to ensure the right treatment in the right area — the result of years of research and feedback from founder Dr. Jason Wersland’s actual patients. 


Make sure it has the warranty to back it up. 

We know that investing in your wellness or recovery routine isn’t always a split-second decision, so the more peace of mind, the better. That’s why we stand by Theragun’s superior components and build quality with an industry-leading warranty on every device. 


Born from a need. Not a trend. 

The Theragun was born from our own founder’s desperate need to relieve his debilitating pain. When Dr. Jason Wersland brought the first prototype into his practice and witnessed the Theragun’s ability to help others, he got to work making sure every aspect of the device was optimized for real results, and was easy and intuitive to use. When you pick up a Theragun, you know that we truly engineered each feature to offer the most effective treatment possible.

Fun fact: Our team of engineers and health professionals were even consulted right down to the hand-feel of the patented Theragun Triangle handle. The grip material gives just the right amount of feedback to your hand, something our founder Dr. Jason Wersland knew was important from working with his patients. 

Wellness and recovery is personal, and being the technology you trust to take care of your body is a privilege. That belief is the guiding light behind the Theragun difference. 

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