Blog Community Give the Gift of Movement this Holiday Season
Give the Gift of Movement this Holiday Season
Give the Gift of Movement this Holiday Season

At Therabody, we aim to help people achieve health and well-being through better movement. And we believe that wellness solutions shouldn’t just be for the pros. From pain and performance to stress and sleep, everyone deserves the ability to move better and feel their best. 

This holiday season, Therabody is helping give the Gift of Movement to those in need. Through our partnership with the Good+Foundation, a nonprofit that works to dismantle multi-generational poverty by providing important goods and services to underserved families, Therabody will donate 1,000 Theraguns so these families have access to solutions that help alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve sleep, and achieve better overall wellness.

“Through our work, we consistently see how raising children can take a toll on a parent’s body," said Katherine Snider, CEO of Good+Foundation. “Caring for growing kids while also working long hours, a reality for many Good+ parents, can be physically challenging. This year, Therabody is answering the call by donating Theragun devices that dedicated caregivers can use to find some relief. Thank you, Therabody, for investing in the well-being of our families this winter."

“It’s not enough to make the best wellness products in the world," says Benjamin Nazarian, Co-Founder and CEO of Therabody. “We feel a responsibility to look beyond our amazing customer base to extend the same relief from pain, mobility, and sleep issues to those who may need it and not even know options like ours exist."

“When Good+Foundation talks about the “father factor" as important in ending multi-generational poverty, that really resonates with me," says Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Jason Wersland. “I’m grateful that Therabody is able to support this organization in helping families of all kinds keep moving with scientifically-validated products that can help alleviate stress and improve relaxation, recovery and sleep."

Additionally, throughout the holiday season, Therabody Ambassadors such as Karlie Kloss and James Harden will also be giving the gift of movement to important people in their lives, as well as sharing it with their communities and social media channels.

Join us in giving the gift of movement. Tag @therabody with your gifting moments and show us how you’re helping your loved ones keep moving.