Blog Behind the Science Theragun percussive therapy for swimmers
Theragun percussive therapy for swimmers
Theragun percussive therapy for swimmers

If you have been on the internet or any social media platform over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed an explosion of hand-held massage gun devices intended to aid people in recovery from their day-to-day life.

This is not something new though, the therapeutic effects of applying pressure and vibration to the body have been known for centuries. These have been studied extensively and are at the center for the invention of the Theragun. Percussive Therapy can be defined as the rapid and repetitive application of pressure perpendicular to the body. This fact was the basis for the Theragun creation. In other words, Theragun uses percussive therapy to apply pressure and vibration to your body’s tissues resulting in increased blood flow and improved muscle function.

Theragun™ was born out of necessity. Following a traumatic motorcycle accident Dr. Jason Wersland, D.C, sought to find a solution for his debilitating muscle and nerve pain. He tried treating his injuries with vibration therapy devices he had in his chiropractic clinic, and when that didn’t work, he began his search for an effective natural solution that only a handheld device could provide, which was deep muscle relief, that he so desperately needed. Although he did not know it yet, he was about to create the world’s first Theragun Percussive Therapy device. 

With the combination of Dr. Jason’s keen knowledge of the body and the effects of pressure and vibration, mixed with the advancements of technology, he could develop a product with these key features: Greater amplitude (depth the head moves), torque (the force at which the head moves) and high frequency (how fast the head moves).

In the years to follow, it became clear that Percussive Therapy could do more than just treat pain. It has become a tool that the best athletes in the world would use for competition and recovery. Now with over 10 years of innovation; through athlete feedback and working daily with the world’s foremost sports scientists, physical therapists, S&C coaches, and engineers at every stage of product development – Percussive Therapy has evolved into a modality that can help athletes at every level.

So as a swimmer, you might ask yourself why is this relevant to me? Well here are some fundamental tips and backed facts, on how Theragun Percussive Therapy can help your athletic experience – both pre and post training. 

  • Pre-Training:
    • If used before you get in the pool or start your Dryland workout it can help to improve the range of motion in your shoulders.
    • Accelerates your warm up.
    • Can reduce soreness from previous sessions. 
    • Preps the muscles and area of use for upcoming activity.
  • Post-Training: 
    • Helps to maximize your recovery.
    • Increased blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to various parts of the body.
    • Reduces soreness and tension.
    • Improves overall quality of sleep.

All these things, along with the amplitude, frequency and torque is what makes Theragun unique to any other product in the industry.

The improvements as a swimmer are the sum of all the sessions you complete and all the hard work you put in. Maximizing this starts with maximizing each session; Percussive Therapy can help take you there.