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Quality. Efficacy. Education and support. As the pioneers of the original percussive therapy device, shopping directly from Therabody gives you peace of mind knowing you’re getting a legitimate product that is properly sold in your region and backed by Therabody’s industry-leading warranty, not a knockoff. Here’s why over 250 professional sports teams, elite athletes, celebrities, trainers, physical therapists, and everyday people around the world trust Therabody:

Quality above all: we design every Therabody product with the highest-quality components and materials, and our team of engineers create products that maintain function and efficacy for years to come. From superior ergonomics to the Theragun’s powerful, industrial-grade motor, Therabody offers unparalleled quality unlike anything in the market.

Industry-leading warranty: we stand behind our superior quality standards with an industry-leading warranty on every single Therabody product.

Scientifically-calibrated: Therabody products are designed and developed by our team of scientists, health professionals, and trainers—including real-time feedback from our founder’s own patients. Through rigorous research and development, we understand how each modality works with the body safely and effectively. Where many Therabody products take years to perfect and bring to market, off-the-shelf products that are not backed with the same level of scientific testing and development can potentially do more harm than good.

Exclusive, personalized app experience: only compatible with Therabody products, the Therabody app offers personalized, guided wellness and recovery routines from Dr. Jason and our Education team of scientists, physical therapists, and trainers. More than simply providing products and solutions, it’s our mission to make sure that the knowledge of our experts and educators is with you every step of the way, guiding you to take control of your wellness and recovery daily.

Ready to take control of your wellness and recovery? We’re here to help.