Wireless smart control
5 guided treatment programs ranging from warm-up mode to isolation mode can be extensively customized ā€” right down to the pressure of each of the 4 individual zones ā€” via Bluetooth in the RecoveryAir app. Swipe right and discover more ways the PRO gives you total control of your recovery.
Guided treatment programs
Start your session with 5 recommended programs based on your activity. Stagger your treatment over time with interval mode, focus pressure on a particular zone of the limb with isolation mode, and more.
Tailor treatment modes
Control pressure right down to each of the 4 individual zones. Recommended programs can be adjusted by time, session length, cycle pattern, and pressure in increments of 1 mmHg. It's all designed to give you precisely the treatment you need.
Save and share
Tailor the settings of any program and save as many as you want for later. Share your personalized programs with other RecoveryAir PRO users, trainers, or health professionals easily through the RecoveryAir app.