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Sense - Refurbished
Sense - Refurbished
Sense - Refurbished
Sense - Refurbished
Sense - Refurbished
Sense - Refurbished

Theragun Sense - Refurbished

Relaxing massage therapy with a built-in guide for pain and stress relief
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<p>Relieve aches and pains, ease soreness and support restful sleep with our first FDA registered medical device that combines percussive massage with haptics, heart rate sensor and breathwork for mindfulness in moments. Designed with strict quality and safety standards, Theragun Sense is equipped with simple, visually-guided routines plus a built-in biometric sensor for personalized insights that include on-device heart rate readings. Theragun Sense makes it easy to relieve pain and integrate an effective, personalized wellness practice into your lifestyle. </p>

  • • Relieve aches and pains
  • • Ease soreness, tension and stiffness
  • • Reduce stress
  • • Sleep better
  • • Increases circulation
  • • Improve mobility

Theragun Sense delivers relaxing massage therapy scientifically proven to relieve aches and pains, ease soreness, reduce stress and help you sleep better. Its LCD screen acts as your personal guide, with quick step-by-step massage and breathwork routines that are easy to follow. Whisper-quiet, lightweight and equipped with our patented triangle grip so you can easily reach anywhere on your body, Theragun Sense makes it easy to create an effective, personalized wellness routine you can stick to.


All the recovery benefits of a 15-minute massage in just two minutes.¹

Wellness in the palm of your hand.

woman wearing smart goggles
Relieve Aches + Pains
Moderate massage soothes pain and soreness without feeling too intense.
woman holding theraface mask
Reduce Stress
Dissolve tension in the body to help improve calm and relaxation.
man using theragun pro
Sleep Better
In a clinical study, 87% of nighttime Theragun users fell asleep faster.²

Customize your experience with the Therabody app

Browse our library of free routines including guided massage and breathwork, then save them right to your device.


Choose what feels best for you.

Theragun Sense comes with 4 thoughtfully designed attachments to target different pain points.

Real people. Real results.

“Great support for relieving stress at the end of the day.”


“I truly love the app, which helps you create a daily routine to use with this wonderful device.”


“This is the BEST handheld massager I’ve ever had.”


¹Learn more about the science behind Theragun's percussive therapy here.
²Learn more about how Theragun can improve sleep here.

*Refurbished. Each Therabody Certified Refurbished product has been sanitized and inspected to verify proper working order and physical appearance. Please note that refurbished products show minor to moderate signs of use that affect cosmetic appearance, but have no material impact on performance. Additionally, open-box products may not come in their original packaging and non-essential parts or accessories may be missing (as identified on each individual product). Therabody Certified Refurbished products are covered under Therabody’s Limited Warranty. Therabody Certified Refurbished products are final sale and not eligible for returns.