Theragun Sense

Work hard, self-care even harder.

When there’s too much grind in your work day, break it up with Theragun Sense for a quick mind-body reset.


A science-backed way to relieve pain + feel better in 2 minutes or less.

foam roller
Soothes soreness
Treat tech neck, back pain and sore hips from sitting at your desk all day.
foam roller
Reduce stress
Quickly refresh between meetings with massage and guided breathwork.
foam roller
Clear your mind
Unwind after work with guided breathwork + sound therapy in the Therabody App.

Pain relief wherever you need it

Theragun Sense features our patented triangle grip, so you can easily massage hard-to-reach spots like your shoulders and back.


Ultra-quiet, soothing massage

Theragun Sense uses perfectly balanced percussive massage to deliver effective relief that’s not too intense.


Theragun massage is scientifically proven to:

Deliver the benefits of a 15-min. massage in just 2 minutes
Boost flexibility and mobility
Improve sleep quality

Breathe. Visualize. Listen. Relax.

Theragun Sense pairs simple, science-backed breathing routines with haptic vibrations and in-app guided visualizations + sound therapy for a fully immersive relaxation experience.
What are haptics?
Theragun Sense’s haptic vibrations serve as cues to guide you through our breathing routines. Breathwork is scientifically proven to help your body relax, improve recovery and sleep better.

Easy-to-follow routines in the Therabody App

Explore how-to videos and save your favorite treatments from our library of pain and stress relief routines.

Real people. Real results.

"I spend my day making excuses as to why I need another Theragun session. Today: gotta get limbered up for my desk job."

Clinton N.

"I bring this thing everywhere with me. It has definitely helped me with daily recovery."

Amy M.

"I have chronic neck and back pain, and Theragun has provided me major relief."

Megan M.
Theragun Sense $299