Theragun Prime

Relief for even the toughest jobs.

You need every muscle to work as hard as you do. Get fast relief with Theragun Prime.


Because quick-and-easy relief shouldn’t be a heavy lift.

foam roller
Relieve pain
Relieve aches and pains in minutes when you’re on the move or between shifts.
foam roller
Reduce tightness
Loosen up stiff, tired muscles after prolonged hours standing or driving.
foam roller
Accelerate recovery
Improve circulation + relieve tension especially on demanding days.

Treat aches + pains on the job

Massage away soreness in just two minutes, whenever, wherever. Theragun Prime’s patented triangle grip treats hard-to-reach areas like the shoulders and lower back.


Effective, fast-acting massage

Percussive massage is scientifically proven to relieve tension and tightness before, during and after strenuous activity. So you can enjoy fast relief when you’re on your feet.


Theragun massage is scientifically proven to:

Deliver the benefits of a 15-min. massage in just 2 minutes
Boost flexibility and mobility
Improve sleep quality

Easy-to-follow routines in the Therabody App

Explore how-to videos and save your favorite treatments from our library of pain and stress relief routines.

Real people. Real results.

“The perfect addition to my recovery routine. I love to use this on my back, neck + legs before bed.”

Elizabeth H.

“Seriously the best. I use it daily for all my sore muscles. I love the design – it’s so easy to hold and use myself.”

Keely W.

“Gives powerful deep tissue massages that help relax my muscles and increase blood flow. Great for use on feet.”

Steven S.
Theragun Prime $299