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The future of football, powered by Therabody.

Powering the working hands behind football’s biggest night

We’re partnering with Wilson to care for the craftsman behind the league’s official game ball.

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The league’s most dynamic wide receivers, now Therabody athletes

All eyes will be on DeAndre Hopkins, Chase Claypool, DeVonta Smith, and DK Metcalf come season kickoff.

Man using Theragun PRO on back

Empowering student-athletes with Notre Dame

Therabody is now the university’s Official Recovery Partner.

Take Control

Meet our athletes

From Phoenix to Pittsburgh, discover how the most dominant players in the league are taking control of their performance and recovery with Therabody.
DeAndre Hopkins

"Theragun helps you be at your best when your team needs you. Usually, you depend on the trainer, but Theragun is almost like having a trainer right there with you whenever you need it."

DeAndre Hopkins

Therabody Athlete and Wide Receiver

The Recovery Playbook

Your breakdown of the pro tips and routines changing the game for DeAndre, Chase, and Team Therabody.


Putting in the work starts in warm-up

Improve your speed, quickness, and explosive power in just 3 minutes with Theragun. Sweep the device quickly over your calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, low back, and chest for 15 seconds each. You’ll get more out of your body with every rep — on the field or in the weight room.

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Post-game recovery, made easy

Get ahead of soreness setting in. Zip on your RecoveryAir PRO Compression pants for a 30-minute pneumatic compression session using the Recover routine in the RecoveryAir app. Sit back and relax while you scroll or watch a show — the app does all the work for you.

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Chase Claypool

"I first started using Theragun at Notre Dame. After a couple of hard days at training camp, it was a lifesaver for us. Now in the league, I use it every day."

Chase Claypool

Therabody Athlete and Wide Receiver

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