Blog News Room Therabody Enters Garment Market with World’s First Compression Wearable with Vibration
Therabody Enters Garment Market with World’s First Compression Wearable with Vibration
Therabody Enters Garment Market with World’s First Compression Wearable with Vibration

Leveraging Proprietary Technology, RecoveryPulse Takes Pain Relief On-the-Go 

From inventing the percussive therapy category and introducing the world to facial health to integrating mental health and biometrics for the ultimate sleep support, Therabody is known for leading the wellness technology category. This time, Therabody is innovating in garments by elevating compression, used by a wide array of people from professional athletes to people with circulatory issues, edema and pain. RecoveryPulseTM combines graduated compression with vibration therapy, woven into a germanium-infused wearable sleeve designed to help everybody feel better wherever they are, without stopping their daily routine.

“As we use science and technology to innovate products, services and content that shifts the way people think about and take charge of their health, we believe one of the best ways to help consumers is to provide solutions that integrate into their daily lives," says Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Benjamin Nazarian. “RecoveryPulse wearable technology offers people the freedom they like with the recovery they need."

Compression alone can help increase circulation, which can ease muscle fatigue and reduce inflammation. Added vibration through Therabody’s proprietary VibraPulse Technology™ accelerates circulation, supporting reduced tension, improved range of motion (ROM) and relief from soreness and pain. Game-changing for sports enthusiasts who enjoy running, cycling, tennis and golf, RecoveryPulse sleeves are also beneficial for use during and after travel, for those who work on their feet or stand for long periods and for those who sit or work at a computer. The wearables can also help with chronic conditions such as golfer’s and tennis elbow, circulatory issues, sore muscles and everyday aches and pains. 

At Therabody’s global headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, the scientists and engineers at Therabody Labs spent more than two years conducting research and development to understand the benefits of adding vibration to compression. Results showed that compression with vibration helped people recover faster. Therabody Labs also analyzed medical grade compression ranges to ensure maximum efficacy and comfort. Proprietary FlowKnit Fabric™ was created to provide consistent, comfortable compression, integrate technical yarns for optimal benefits, be durable enough for repeated washing (with battery removed) and effectively embed vibration circuitry directly into the garment to provide targeted therapy. Therabody’s patented VibraPulse Technology™weaves QX Micro-Motors directly into germanium-infused fabric that offers far infrared benefits by reflecting one’s own natural, helpful heat back to the body for increased relief from pain and discomfort. 

The wearables have 3 vibration modes so that users can personalize their therapy according to need and comfort level: Low for general recovery and pain relief, High for accelerated warm ups and recovery and Wave to provide dynamic treatment for soreness and relaxation. 

“We developed Recovery Pulse to make pain relief as convenient as possible," echoes Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason Wersland. “We hope that if people can use a device that is convenient and comfortable enough to wear under their clothes, they will use it more frequently, even wear it to work. Whether people use it between sets in a workout or someone like a nurse wears it under their scrubs, we really don’t want people to think pain and discomfort have to be normal or accepted."

Wearable vibration therapy that targets key areas of the body represents an opportunity for convenient therapeutic benefit that can integrate into a number of lifestyles. The combination of compression and vibration is a significant advancement in the technical garment industry. RecoveryPulse is not only good for people; compression with vibration is projected to be good business. The compression garments segment accounted for the largest wearable technology market share in 2022 and the global compression therapy market is set to record a market value of $3.01B in 2022 and reach $4.59B by 2030. 

RecoveryPulse proves that Therabody continues to provide solutions for everyday human problems to help us keep moving.