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Inside the mind of James Harden

What James Harden thinks about before every game

Mind-body connection runs deep.

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Meet pro basketball's most in-demand trainer

Basketball skills trainer Chris Brickley is keeping the GOATs at the top.

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Outside the key with Paul George

We took a time out with Paul George to hear about how he's showing up for his community.

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Meet our athletes

Discover how basketball's finest are taking control of their performance and recovery with Therabody.
Paul George

“I use my Theragun every day. It’s powerful, quiet, and an essential part of my warm up and recovery. Deep muscle treatment never felt so good."

Paul George

Therabody Athlete and Pro Basketball Player

The Recovery Playbook

Your breakdown of the cutting-edge pro tips and routines changing the game for Harden, Herro, and Team Therabody.


Give your muscles a wake-up call

Fire up your body and prepare to play hard. Pre-game, quickly sweep your Theragun across your calves, quads, glutes, shoulders, and traps for 30 seconds each to increase mobility, help prevent injury, and activate the fast twitch muscles.

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Hit the refresh button

Quick sprints and lateral defensive movements can cause lactic acid build-up and cramps in the legs. Post-game, flush out soreness fast with RecoveryAir PRO. Slip on the compression boots for a 30 minute pneumatic compression session that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to get back on the court.

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James Harden

"Theragun allows my body to recover and feel refreshed so I'm able to wake up and perform at the highest level night after night – so I'm able to go out there and be myself.”

James Harden

Therabody Athlete and Pro Basketball Player

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