Work(out) hard. Have fun. Recover faster.

Enjoy Therabody's revolutionary recovery solutions at Barry’s U.S. locations for the ultimate wellness experience pre- and post-workout. Plus, access custom warm up + recovery routines.

Deep massage with premium tech features
$399 $359
Muscle stimulation to speed up recovery
$349 $314
Eye massager proven to help improve sleep
$199 $179
Pain and soreness relief on the go
$199 $179

Download the Therabody App for guided routines

Whether you want to warm up, cool down, treat soreness or target specific muscle groups, Therabody has the routine for you.


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The Recovery Essentials Bundle

Featuring Theragun PRO and RecoveryAir PRO, this power-packed bundle has everything you need for Red Room warm-up and recovery.

football player using device

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