First Responders using Theragun

To our first responders, healthcare
workers, and military, thank you.

To support the first responders, healthcare workers, and military members showing up day after day and putting themselves at risk for our health and safety, we’re offering a free charging stand with up to AUD155 off the purchase of a Theragun device starting April 14 while supplies last. In addition, we're donating 300+ Theraguns and thousands of masks to 60+ hospitals around the world. All doctors, nurses, first responders, hospital/medical staff, active duty military, and veterans are eligible for this discount. We hope this helps you take care of yourselves while you selflessly take care of all of us.

To access your exclusive discount, simply reach out to us at with the subject line “Frontline Discount”. Please include proper verification, such as an official ID or documentation.

Due to overwhelming demand, your discount request may take up to 3 business days. Thank you for your patience.