Blog Education Rest easy: How percussive therapy can improve your sleep
Rest easy: How percussive therapy can improve your sleep
Rest easy: How percussive therapy can improve your sleep

A better night’s sleep could be just a protocol away.

Over 50 million Americans struggle with sleep.

Sleep is the foundation of optimal health, yet in the United States alone, over 50 million people suffer from a diagnosed sleeping disorder, with nearly 9 million Americans using prescription sleep aids.

Aside from the risks associated with prescription and OTC drugs, research shows that poor sleep quality has a negative effect on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. So, in 2020, two leaders in the health and wellness industry – Therabody and Biostrap – came together to find a natural method for a better night’s sleep.

Experimenting with a new routine.

Biostrap currently has the most advanced wearable sleep device on the market with the ability to track sleep using dozens of metrics. With the goal of looking at the effects of percussive therapy on sleep, Therabody and Biostrap evaluated 73 healthy adults from the age of 18-40 who exercised a minimum of three times a week for at least 30 minutes, for a total of five weeks.

For the first two weeks, participants lived their “normal lifestyle." During weeks three and four, participants utilized Therabody’s Theragun devices plus the Therabody app routine. The participants utilized post-exercise Theragun protocols after at least 30 minutes of working out and the sleep protocol before bed. In the fifth and final week, participants went back to their normal routine, without Theragun.

Sleep tight, with two minutes a night.

Therabody and Biostrap’s findings concluded that Theragun’s percussive therapy was able to help 87% of participants fall asleep almost 5 minutes faster than they usually do on a “normal night." In addition, 70% of participants slept longer throughout the night, with an average of 7% less awakenings per participant. Finally, the results indicated that 56% of participants enjoyed a higher overall sleep score, which takes into account factors such as sleep duration, deep sleep, efficiency, wakening, and movement.

Therabody and Biostrap found that a natural wellness solution for better sleep can be as simple as using your Theragun device for two minutes a night.