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How it's made matters.

Our TheraOne CBD formulation process is rooted in a relentless focus on purity, potency, and sustainability — and starts long before we even plant anything in the ground. 

Our process

The soil, the ingredients, the minimally-processed full-spectrum CBD extract — it’s the kind of attention to detail that makes our USDA Certified Organic CBD products radically different, and uniquely clean.

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It starts at the root.

Step 1: Cultivate

We start with a USDA Certified Organic high potency hemp strain with a CBD content of at least 10% at harvest.

Step 2: Harvest

Once our high-potency, hemp-based CBD strain is fully grown on certified organic and sustainable farmland in Colorado, it's harvested according to USDA Certified Organic standards, every time.

Step 3: Extract

The harvested plant matter is processed using certified organic methods, resulting in full-spectrum CBD oil that has been extracted, distilled and contains a CBD content of roughly 80%, with no detectable residual solvents.

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Innovation and transparency in every step.

Step 4: Biosorb™ Technology

Now that the hemp oil is concentrated and distilled, we send it to our facility for processing using our patent-pending Biosorb™ Technology. This process primes our oil concentrate to increase effectiveness, improve product consistency, and increase product stability (shelf life).

Step 5: Blend

Once our purified hemp oil has undergone our proprietary formulation process, it's homogenized into our products. By the time TheraOne CBD is bottled, it’s been tested a total of 4 times by independent third-party labs.

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