Blog Performance New match up: Therabody and Real Madrid
New match up: Therabody and Real Madrid
New match up: Therabody and Real Madrid

We’re honored to announce that Prestigious Football Club Real Madrid has selected us as their official sponsor.

So…what does this mean exactly?

It’s not your traditional partnership…It’s the result of our founder Dr. Jason Wersland working closely with Real Madrid’s Head of Medical Services, Dr. Niko Mihic for years. After learning that Dr. Niko had been integrating Theragun into the team’s recovery routine, the two experts began working together to optimize training, injury prevention and recovery protocols. It’s the natural progression of what began as a shared commitment to caring for athletes, and will enable us to help Real Madrid accelerate a more holistic and integrated wellness culture for its community in the coming years.

It’s the natural next step for our two brands, and we’re honored to be their go-to wellness experts.

Here’s what Dr. Niko Mihic of Real Madrid had to say about our partnership: 

“When it comes to caring for and treating athletes, and customizing recovery plans for each player, it is vital that I prescribe industry-leading, innovative, holistic protocols that the athletes can do with me and on their own. Therabody provides science-based research and products that not only optimize training and recovery, but primes these athletes for life outside of the game. We’re thrilled to work with Therabody and Dr. Jason as our go-to wellness experts."

Want to shop like the pros? 

The players and staff of Real Madrid will be using our Theragun PRO(R), Wave Roller™, Theragun mini(R) and our newly acquired Recovery Pump in their training and recovery protocols.  

Visit our press release to read more about our partnership.