Blog Performance #ChangeTheWay You Amplify — DeAndre Hopkins
#ChangeTheWay You Amplify — DeAndre Hopkins
#ChangeTheWay You Amplify — DeAndre Hopkins

“The more I see younger generations making an impact in their communities and changing the way their communities are engaging with one another, the more hopeful I am for a brighter future ahead."

DeAndre Hopkins, Therabody Athlete & Investor

Every individual goes through life with different experiences that in turn influence the things that they are passionate about and want to change. As we continue celebrating Black History Month, we want to amplify the stories of individuals who have and are continuing to change the way they move within their communities.

How is DeAndre Hopkins changing the way he moves? Read his story below.

#ChangeTheWay You Communicate

  1. What are some things that make you excited to celebrate your culture?

I have always been proud of who I am. Within the past year specifically, when the BLM movement started, people across the country stepped up, used their voices and started to learn about what it means to be a black person living in a time where racism still exists.  We have made so much progress, but there is still so much work to do. The more we celebrate each other, use our voices to make change, and educate and influence future generations, the more united we will become. 2020 was a challenging year – I am hopeful for a better year ahead.

  1. What’s one obstacle you’ve overcome or have used your platform to help others overcome?

I will always stand up for equality, and will always use my platform to influence the greater good. In June, I was able to partner with my former teammate and good friend, Deshaun Watson, to successfully advocate for the name change of a building on Clemson University’s campus that was named after a slave-owner. I want my family and my fans to look at me as an example, as somebody who stands up for what he believes in so that they can feel empowered to do the same; so that the future generations can feel empowered to do the same.

  1. What’s your favorite contribution to the world that came from a black creator, inventor, etc.?

There are way too many to choose just one. But I would say Amanda Gorman, the 22 year old poet who was invited to read her poetry at this year’s Presidential Inauguration and at this year’s Super Bowl. When I think about the younger generations who have the opportunity to make a difference, I think of her. During her inauguration speech, ‘the hill we climb,’ she portrayed just how much more work we need to do to rebuild and recover from racial injustice and inequity. She has the power and the influence to make progress at such a young age, and for that reason alone, I have so much respect for her.

  1. How do you imagine black voices being amplified/what gives you hope for the future?

The more I see younger generations making an impact in their communities and changing the way their communities are engaging with one another, the more hopeful I am for a brighter future ahead. I want my kids to grow up in a world where everyone has respect for one another, and that everyone peacefully coexists.

  1. What does #ChangeTheWay mean to you/how have you implemented this into your daily life?

I want us to change the way we talk to each other, view each other, and handle situations. If you want change, you have to stand up for change. I live by this daily. If I just stand by and see the way things pan out without actually doing something, I am simply allowing things to stay the same. Live by example…be the change.

  1.  How can we #ChangeTheWay together?

Keep having uncomfortable conversations. Be O.K. with knowing that there is still so much to learn about black history and the struggles that we still face today. The more we learn, the more we grow. We can change the way we think about race if we push ourselves to get to the heart of what truly matters – all lives.