Blog Community Therabody Employee Spotlight: Anthony Avery, Influencer Marketing Manager
Therabody Employee Spotlight: Anthony Avery, Influencer Marketing Manager
Therabody Employee Spotlight: Anthony Avery, Influencer Marketing Manager

From Customer Experience to Research and Development, a core tenet of Therabody’s company culture is that the next big idea or product innovation can come from anyone at any level. Since our founder’s journey to create the first-ever Theragun to relieve his own debilitating pain, real stories and real people have always been at the heart of who we are and why we are on a mission to help everybody take control of their wellness and recovery. 

So, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Therabody to highlight the real people who are helping make that mission a reality everyday — the best and brightest from around the globe. 

Meet Anthony Avery, our LA-based Influencer Marketing Manager, whose personality and incredible passion for the brand keeps a smile on everyone’s face here at Therabody HQ.

What is your favorite part of working at Therabody?

Waking up every morning knowing that I get to work with such talented individuals who combine their collective abilities to create amazing work is inspiring. It truly pushes me every day to continue building on my skills. 

Give us a quick breakdown of your role and what you do at Therabody.  

When I first started with Therabody almost three years ago, I worked with our social media team but that has evolved into working primarily with our influencers and ambassadors. I help the brand create meaningful relationships with aligned partners to ensure Therabody products are shared across as many communities as possible. 

If you could do someone else’s job at Therabody for a week, what would it be and why?

Dr. Jason always talks about wishing he could have a “Go-PRO" on his head while going to visit clients, speaking at events or connecting with people all over the world who have experienced Therabody products. Knowing his schedule, I’m not sure if I could last a whole week but being able to spend a day experiencing the joy that people feel when using Therabody products for the first time would be amazing. 

It’s lunch time! What is your go-to? 

It HAS to be Tocaya. I’ll have a fajita burrito with no pico de gallo please! And for good measure, I’ll sprinkle in a large iced Ambrosia Coffee of God from Philz. 

Walk us through any secret to success you have for working from home. 

Giving yourself time in the morning to get settled with a cup of coffee and crank out some emails is a must for me. Working from home, it’s so easy to fall into a routine of waking up right before a call but giving yourself time to prepare yourself for the day is necessary! 

Speed Round  

Favorite movie or show?

White Lotus on HBO was a wild ride – 10/10 would recommend! 

Favorite food? 

I’ve been on a sushi kick recently – can’t go wrong with a 16-roll box from KazuNori.

Cats or dogs? Do you have any pets?

Both! My dog Bev is a two year old labradoodle and my cat Lana is 5! 

Favorite Therabody product?

The Theragun mini goes with me everywhere! From long road trips, airports and even at home, I can’t live without it. 

Favorite musical artist or group?

I’m convinced Gunna is the greatest artist of our generation.

Interested in joining our mission? We’re always looking for talented individuals who want to make an impact. Visit our Careers page to learn more. 

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