Blog Community The OUT Foundation + Therabody: Creating Wellness in Fitness
The OUT Foundation + Therabody: Creating Wellness in Fitness
The OUT Foundation + Therabody: Creating Wellness in Fitness

Here at Therabody, we believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone. In celebration of Pride, we recently sat down with our LGBTQ+ community to find out what wellness means to them. Now, we’re proud to continue the conversation through our partnership with The OUT Foundation. In providing its community of fitness enthusiasts with $100,000 worth of Therabody products and services, we stand with their mission to remove barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community’s access to fitness, health, and wellness to ensure their success.

Who is The OUT Foundation?

It can be hard for many LGBTQ+ young adults to feel comfortable participating in fitness, and The OUT Foundation is partnering with local gyms across the country to change that. They are dedicated to nurturing, empowering, and celebrating bodies and minds to guarantee that the community thrives.

The OUT Foundation offers an inclusive gym finder for anyone looking to join a supportive fitness community, anyone moving to a new city and looking for a gym where they’ll be accepted for who they are, or for anyone traveling and looking to get a workout in somewhere they’ll be welcomed.

Check out their inclusive gym finder.


OUTAthletics is the world’s largest initiative for bringing together LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to sweat for a cause in a safe, inclusive environment. They strive to create a community from all walks of life and inspire you to feel good about yourself, your workouts, and your life.

OUTAthletics Fundraisers are hosted by fitness facilities worldwide. LGBTQ+ athletes and allies join forces and participate in fun workouts, raise awareness for community issues in sport and fitness, and raise funds for The OUT Foundation.


As part of the OUTAthlete Program, The OUT Foundation offers year-long gym memberships for LGBTQ+ young adults in the United States between the ages of 18-30. This program offers a range of benefits including:

  • A year-long membership to a local LGBTQ+ friendly gym
  • Three months of online mental health counseling through BetterHelp
  • Nutrition coaching by M2 Performance
  • FUSE training shoes and apparel from PUMA
  • A 12-month WHOOP membership
  • Healthy meals
  • 30% off all OUTAthletics apparel
  • A networking group of current and former OUTAthletes
  • Gifts from our sponsors
  • Monthly educational sessions
  • And much more


The OUTHealth program provides health services to all members of the LGBTQ+ community through various initiatives. Their current efforts are primarily for transgender/gender diverse individuals. OUTHealth offers the ability for those marginalized in the community to be comfortable and celebrate their bodies.

What is Therabody doing with The OUT Foundation?

We believe everyone is deserving of wellness, so we are working with The OUT Foundation to further support their mission.

We are providing $100,000 worth of Therabody products and services to the OUT Foundation and its community of fitness enthusiasts. Through events, fundraising and proactive discussions, we will drive awareness to their work and further conversations around inclusivity in the fitness and wellness space. We are sharing this partnership with our network of partners and retailers to encourage fitness facilities and gyms across the country to learn and engage.

What is Therabody doing within the company?

This partnership will help Therabody and our employees to continue to grow and learn through inclusivity training and consulting hosted by The OUT Foundation. Our internal LGBTQ+ Prism employee network group also continuously hosts discussions, panels and social events.

Want to know more? Hear what wellness means to our own LGBTQ+ community, or head over to Together, we hope to make the fitness and wellness community a place where everyone feels welcome.