When it comes to rollers of any sort, you'll find designs consisting of every possible combination of size, shape, and material. The Wave Series was rigorously tested, going through countless iterations to ensure the right density, size, shape, and vibration intensity comfortably and effectively applied the pressure of your bodyweight to specific areas. These key design elements make Wave Series the most advanced rollers in recovery:

Customized vibration settings

Every Wave Series device features a variety of powerful vibration frequencies, which can be adjusted to your comfort level manually or via the Therabody app to help release soreness, reduce tension, increase range of motion, and improve movement.

Smart connectivity

Connect your Wave Series device to the Therabody app for total control of your rolling experience. Adjust vibration intensity and discover guided Wave Series recovery routines specifically tailored to your needs.

Innovative wave texture

Muscle work is all about applying varied angles of pressure to an area in need. The Wave Series is unique in that its innovative wave texture adds an additional dimension of pressure to the muscle, while also providing superior traction control.

Ergonomic design

Years of research informed the shape of each device, as we worked with scientists and engineers to ensure they comfortably delivered ideal angles of pressure to specific areas of the body.