There is a possibility of having a minor muscle imbalance. Let’s say you work out 4-5 times a week and use your PowerDots daily for recovery and training. No matter which program is selected, the right side (dominant side) will always fire at a lower intensity with recovery programs because of overcompensation during training. On the other hand, when using the training programs, the left side (non-dominant side) will fire at a lower intensity because it is not put under as much stress as the right side. Now if you swapped the device from left to right you would have to adjust the intensity; this is the easiest way to tell if it is an imbalance.

The following factors may also account for the difference in stimulus during use:

  • Level of battery charge. Make sure the battery charge level is similar on both devices or get a full charge on both devices.
  • Pads setup: make sure that pads setup on one side is mirroring the other side. Both setups should follow the recommended positioning in the app.
  • Some people have difference in sensation and muscle recruitment between left and right sides of the body. In case you still feel the difference, please adjust the intensity for each device separately using the Powerdot mobile app “Device Lock” feature, available from the Stimulation Dashboard in the bottom menu.
  • The linked devices feature allows you to control each PowerDot independently when turned off. You could then turn off link channels and control each cable independently. This is very useful when you are dealing with imbalance/dominance.

If you believe that the above information does not pertain to your situation, please let us know.