Behind every company is its community of people. During these especially difficult and uncertain times, we’re more aware than ever that what truly makes life worth living are the relationships we share with other people. We believe that being part of a community comes with responsibility. It’s our mission to help people live and feel better naturally, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that a reality.

So, we’re offering up to £135 off our devices for UK customers so that more people can take care of their bodies during this stress-inducing time. We’ll donate a portion of the proceeds of every sale to FareShare, an organization that is delivering vital food supplies to frontline organizations and providing a lifeline to those most in need. These include older people and those with serious health conditions, and children who would usually access free school meals, and are at greater risk of hunger and malnutrition as a result of school closures.

Additionally, we’re releasing daily wellness routines on Instagram Live to give people a resource to practice wellness while at home. We hope that this small gesture helps you and the people you care about; after all, we’re all in this together.