RecoveryAir FAQs

Intermittent sequential pneumatic compression is a form of mechanical massage that sequentially applies pressure to an area of the body from the foot toward the heart. By applying our true negative gradient of pressure starting furthest from the heart, RecoveryAir provides a greater boost in circulation, flushing out lactic acid and other waste with the following benefits

  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Decreases swelling and stiffness
  • Relieves muscle fatigue

Yes! In fact, RecoveryAir systems and Theragun can form a powerful recovery routine, as they can be used to attend to different needs at various points throughout your day.

Say you want an energizing boost before your run or when you first wake up in the morning—Theragun is there for you with the percussive power you need and can be applied to almost anywhere on your body. On your feet all day or just completed an intense run/training session? Before you target areas with Theragun, wind down with a longer RecoveryAir session while you read or watch tv to really get a full flush of the legs and increase circulation, no effort required.

Theragun is an active, versatile way to hone in on any one muscle or area, while RecoveryAir provides a broader, passive option to addressing circulation in the body.

RecoveryAir pneumatic compression therapy systems are faster, safer, and more effective. When it comes to pneumatic compression, not all systems are created equal. Our proprietary, clinically effective design is critical to the safety and most effective recovery of your most valuable asset—your body. Discover these key differences in technology from other systems:

True negative gradient of pressure Our unique true negative gradient of pressure sequentially travels up the limb from the foot toward the heart in 4 internal overlapping chambers. The spiraling overlap of chambers safely maximizes circulation vs. other designs that interrupt air flow and create potentially harmful peaks and valleys of pressure.

Faster recovery, 3x the speed of competitors Faster recovery is all about more cycles of inflation and deflation in a given amount of time. By detecting a full inflation based on precise pressure, RecoveryAir's high performance compressor reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid pressure release 3 times faster.

Safer with precise pressure control Our system allows you to set your session to precise units of pressure and monitors pressure according to the size of the limb being treated to prevent dangerous over constriction. Many systems deliver a wide range of pressure within an arbitrary setting, often inflating past a normal human blood pressure.

More effective with full inflation and deflation Like a sponge, RecoveryAir’s precise pressure control and true negative gradient allow for a fuller, more complete cycle of compression and release. This flushes out metabolic waste more effectively, and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to return to the limb faster.

Superior, hygienic design Our hidden overlapping compartments avoid the bacteria and unwanted moisture that typically builds up in other compression boot designs. Unexposed to the user, this design provides a seamless, easy-to-clean surface on the interior of the boot.

Advanced customization with RecoveryAir PRO

- Wireless smart control: 5 guided treatments programs ranging from warm-up mode to isolation mode can be extensively customized - right down to the pressure of the individual chambers - via Bluetooth® in the RecoveryAir app. Swipe right and discover more ways Pro gives you total control of your recovery.

- Guided treatment programs: Start your session with 5 recommended programs based on your activity. Stagger your treatment over time with interval mode, focus pressure on a particular zone of the limb with isolation mode, and more.

- Tailor treatment programs: Control pressure right down to a chamber or particular zone. Recommended programs can be adjusted by time, session length, cycle pattern, and pressure in increments of 1 mmHg. It's all designed to give you precisely the treatment you need.

- Save and share: Tailor the settings of any program and save as many as you want for later. Share your personalized programs with other RecoveryAir Pro users, trainers, or health professionals easily through the RecoveryAir app.

The RecoveryAir PRO is a fully customizable smart recovery system that gives you total control of your warm-up and recovery. Key features of RecoveryAir PRO include:

  • 5 guided treatment programs
  • 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers
  • Faster recovery with more cycles in less time
  • Safe and effective precise pressure control (20-100 mmHg)
  • Smart connectivity for customized treatment
  • LCD digital display
  • 240 minutes of battery life
  • Universal garment compatibility


The RecoveryAir is an easy-to-use pneumatic compression therapy system that makes our clinically-proven recovery technology available to everybody. Key features of RecoveryAir include:

  • Manually control pressure, hold and session time
  • Safe, effective precise pressure control (20-100 mmHg)
  • 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers
  • Faster recovery with more cycles in less time
  • Extended 360-minute battery life
  • Compatible only with 4-chamber RecoveryAir garments


You can use your RecoveryAir system anytime, as it features dedicated modes for warm-up and recovery as well as extensive customization options (PRO model only) to tailor your recovery to your needs. It's also a great option for decompressing after a long day before bed. Sit back, relax, and recover hands-free.

Cleaning the Device

Disconnect the device from any electrical outlets before cleaning. Let it dry completely before reconnecting it to the electrical outlet. Wipe clean using a slightly damp cloth. Do not allow any moisture or liqids to enter the device.

Cleaning the Compression Boots

Gently wipe the external and internal surfaces of the boots using a soft cloth, warm water not exceeding 100F and a mild detergent. Do not submerge in liquid or allow liquid to enter the air inlets of the boot. Wipe dry using a soft towel only. When dry, the external and internal surfaces of the boot may be wiped down with 70% alcohol or with appropriate alcohol-based disinfectant.

Store out of direct sunlight.

RecoveryAir products can be controlled via their own app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

RecoveryAir devices feature a rechargeable internal battery, which can be charged with the DC power adapter when the device is turned on. Turn ON the power switch to enabled charging the device. Turn OFF the power switch to conserve battery power when not charging or using the device. We recommended charging the device for no more than 8 hours.

Yes! To view your eligibilty for special discounts please visit our Military, First Responder, and Frontline Healthcare Worker discount pages.

ProCare coverage is not offered for RecoveryAir systems.

We advise consulting your physician before use of RecoveryAir products if you are currently experiencing any injury or have had a previous injury.

We highly recommend using RecoveryAir products while sitting to avoid any damage to the compression boots. This also maintains the integrity of airflow in the boot and our true negative gradient of pressure.

You are free to wear anything you feel most comfortable in, but we do recommend athletic or moisture-wicking clothing for maximum hygiene and comfort during your recovery session.

Do not use the RecoveryAir system with any objects on your person or in your pockets.

The serial number of your RecoveryAir system is a six digit number located on the tag on the interior of your compression boots or RecoveryAir garment.

Important Safety Information for RecoveryAir products

Contraindictations for Use

  • This system is intended for use by people in good health. This system is not recommended for people who have heart problems, or vascular problems, have a condition requiring the use of any medical device, or have any condition that may affect their normal well-being.
  • If you are, or may be, pregnany, consult with your physician before use.
  • Do not use this system over insensitive or numb areas, or in the presence of poor circulation. Do not use if you have been diagnosed with blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or phlebitis. This system should not be used over swollen or inflamed areas or open wounds. Do not use in the presence of unexplained calf pain.
  • Consult your physician prior to use.
  • Do not use the RecoveryAir system with any objects on your person or in your pockets.


Safety Warnings and Precautions

  • Do not use RecoveryAir products in the presence of flammable gases, including flammable anesthetics.
  • Do not allow liquid to enter any part of the RecoveryAir compression device. Do not immerse.
  • To prevent electric shock, do not open the console. Do not attempt to service the console yourself. All maintenance tasks should be performed only by Therabody trained and authorized service personnel according to return policy and replacement guidelines. Service by unauthorized personnel shall void any warranty.
  • Stop massage in case of any change of the RecoveryAir system performance.
  • Use the RecoveryAir system only with compatible RecoveryAir garments and accessories.
  • Do not modify any part of the RecoveryAir system.
  • The RecoveryAir system includes small parts. To avoid choking, do not swallow, and keep away from children and pets.