Theragun ProPlus device being used on leg

Introducing Theragun PRO Plus

Our most cutting-edge multi-therapy device, designed to help you go harder and recover faster.

Free shipping on orders over $99

Free shipping on orders over $99


Industry-leading warranty

A new era of Theragun innovation is here. 

Theragun Sense
Relieve pain and stress with built-in routines

Theragun PRO Plus
6 cutting edge therapies to boost performance

PRO Plus Cold Attachment
Add-on cold therapy


Theragun Relief
One-button relief for everyday aches

woman wearing smart goggles
Solutions to help relieve pain and stress and improve sleep.
woman holding theraface mask
Clinically proven skincare devices that deliver powerful results.
man using theragun pro
Pro-grade devices for accelerated recovery and better performance.

Unlock performance excellence.

Theragun Prime
Powerful massage in a simple design
RecoveryAir Jetboots
Fully wireless pneumatic compression boots
Wave Duo
Vibrating roller for the back, spine and neck
Theragun Elite
Powerful massage with premium tech features